Oxygen Beach and Punta Zeza Beach

One of the most famous and favorite beaches is Oxygen Beach. This beach is also known to winter swimmers as clubs make winter outdoor activities for swimming. Pounta Zeza is also a known beach which is famous for its clear waters and for its sandy beach.

Lavrion Technological Cultural Park

Lavrion Technological Cultural Park is located at the place where was the French Mining Company of Lavrion. It is the only park in Attica specializing in robotics, laser, energy saving and many other technological areas. It is considered one of the most important monuments of industrial archeology and architecture.

Lavrio Port

Lavrio has the second largest sea port after Piraeus. The last few years the port has changed a lot and has become a hub for ferry boats, cruise ships and sailboat companies. From the port of Lavrio the visitor can be transported to the nearby island of Kea, Kythos, Syros, Tinos, Andros, Amorgos, Anafi, Folegandros, […]


Chaos as it is called is a tourist attraction for visitors. It is a gulch that has a circular shape. Its depth is 55 meters and its diameter is 120 meters.

Lavrio Town

The center of Lavrio itself is an important sight. It has large squares, groves and many neoclassical buildings that are worthy of admiration, such as the buildings currently housing the City Hall, the Cultural Center and the ‘Efterpi’s ‘Building. Lavrio is also famous for the palm trees that adorn the squares and avenues, as well […]

Temple of Poseidon

The temple of Poseidon is 5km from our rooms. The temple of the mythological God of the Sea is one of the most well-known places in the area. The remains are perched on the headlandon surrounded by three sides by the sea.